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If your site starts to load slowly or you often see the error "503" - order the service "Accelerating the work of WebSite"

Ускорение работы сайтов

Optimizing the site load speed consists of three items:

1) WebSite audit.
2) Recommendations for acceleration.
3) Elimination of problems that cause slow work of the site.

In this package everything is individual, terms and prices can be very different.

But there is a minimum period and the price from experience:
Price: from 1000 USD.
Terms: from 3 days.

From speed of the site depends:

  • Your reputation
  • Your position in the SERP
  • in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct
  • The probability that the visitor will perform the desired action on the site

How to check your site for download speed?

You can check by Google Page Speed или GTmetrix, for example, the rate of loading in Google Page Speed of your site should be at least 80.