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What is the usability website for customers?

Юзабилити сайта для клиентов

Usability — literally "the possibility of using", that is the main idea is to make the website convenient, simple and informative for the user.

Under the concept of website usability is meant simple and convenient use of the web resource by visitors.

Working on the usability of the website, you can not just improve its promotion, but also the conversion itself, turning visitors into customers. With a competent approach, the conversion grows to 10 or more times.

The main factors of usability, which you need to rely on:

  • Convenient navigation and website structure.
  • Quality content, which carries in itself only the specific information needed by the user, without superfluous water.
  • Convenience for reading content.
  • The design of the website should be designed so that all important elements fall into the "F-template".
  • Possibility of fast registration of goods or services.
  • Fast download website.
  • Calls to action.
  • Adaptive website layout.
  • An opportunity to contact you, if possible online.
  • The opportunity to be informed when the goods will be available, if it is missing.
  • The opportunity to offer the customer a better price than the competitor, if the customer found it cheaper.

If visitors to your website do not perform the action you want, I recommend doing Usability-audit Your website, after that you will know what difficulties your customers may face and the ways to solve them.

Below are some examples of improving usability for different cms, with prices.